Get Cash in Three Simple Steps

1. Get an Instant Quote

Find your used electonics and get an instant quote based on the condition. 

2. Come to Our Location

We are located inside of XiRepair – 10684B Chantilly Parkway, Montgomery, Alabama 36117 

3. Get Cash Fast

Once we inspect your item(s) we’ll pay you within 2 days, we promise.

Why Choose Spike Phones?

Easy, Safe and Quick way to sell for cash!

We know it is hard selling things online. You have to find a reliable platform, create listings, pay fees to sell, and have the possibility of getting scammed by an unreliable buyer. We see it all the time and that’s why Spike Phones was invented. We provide a safe and easy experience for all of our customers. 

Our process is super easy: let us know what devices you want to sell. Next, we give you a quote, and lastly come by our shop and pick up your cash SAME DAY.